Aphrodite LaFont

Blonde, blue eyes girl. She is about 18 years old. 

Her parents are really rich and super mean jerks to her daughter. They basically bully her. Her parents are Charles LaFont and Frances LaFont. 

Aphrodite is mean to everyone and eventually loses her position of the leader of the Dark Daughters. She also loses her boyfriend. Well Aphrodite and Erik have been over for a while, but she has been in denial.

She has vision and an affinity to Earth (temporarily).

She is in the vamprye and human limbo. She isn’t either one, but both.

Aphrodite and Zoey become friendemies. She helps Zoey and Zoey helps her in return. She becomes a member of the Nerd Herd in the second book, Betrayed .

Taken by Darius even though she thinks that she doesn't deserve him. She began the relationship with Darius in the fifth book, Hunted.

She first appears in the first book, Marked.

Her last appearance was in the last book, Redeemed.